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Dave Shearon

Hi, Tom! I know you from

Good piece. I know NC has done some work with the Sanders version of value-added. Have you looked into any of their data?

It's quite clear that great teaching for low-achieving students is not necessarily great teaching for higher achievers. I'm just glad that some of the insights that have grown out of value-added have so quicly permeated the education world that folks are rapidly identifying this risk. Now we'll see if they're prepared to do something effective about it.

Tom Shuford

Re: Best Way to Close the Gap? Hold the Top Back!

I don't think holding above average students back is anyone's intent. But that result maybe inevitable given the incentive structure of NCLB. See results for North Carolina, a high stakes testing pioneer in my piece below.

No Child Left Behind and Unintended Consequences
Letter, News-Topic (Caldwell County, NC)
June 12, 2004
Tom Shuford (retired public school teacher)

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