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S Michael Moore

Dave, my apologies. I had no desire to turn this into a name calling contest.

S Michael Moore

"out of stick-in-the-mud, closed minded, quick to judge dolts. Remind you of anyone, SSM?"

As I am none of those, I can only assume you are describing yourself. Please don't assume that you know me based on the content of one comment.

It is clear that I was making a generalization and not a direct attack on your friend so please refrain from attacking me.

Tom Hoffman

Rereading my comment, I'm not sure that it actually makes sense. What I was trying to say is that I would hope that anyone assigned to teach "world literature" for the first time would at some point in July think to themselves "I am supposed to have mastered all the literature of the world? I'm not ready for this." And if they haven't felt overwhelmed by that at least momentarily, they aren't thinking about what they're doing.


And I have a nice healthy A/B GPA.


Just for the record, my Masters degree is in English, not Education.


SMM: last time I checked, someone who can get a "5" on THREE AP tests without even having been in the AP classes while in High School is not a "C" student (or teacher). This woman we are discssing is not only a dear friend, but also an inspired and inspiring person. I wish I could have had classes with teachers as open and thoughtful as she is. Unfortunately I was usually forced to squeeze something that resembled "education" out of stick-in-the-mud, closed minded, quick to judge dolts. Remind you of anyone, SSM?
Also, how come no one is up in arms about the fact that she won't even have TEXTBOOKS until half-way through the first semester?! Even if she were a second-rate teacher, how the heck do you expect her to be able to teach without BOOKS?

Tom Hoffman

Ah, you beat me to the punch, Will.

Tom Hoffman

I'd be more worried about the hubris of a first year teach who was deluded enough to think that they had a comprehensive grasp of "world literature," unless they had a masters in comp lit under their belt.

Also, unless every literature class in her school is called "world literature," it would seem that the intent of the class is to highlight literature other than what they cover in American/Brit Lit., so her desire to find non-Western texts doesn't seem so much like political correctness run amok.

Hopefully they'll read some Borges and Kafka though.

Will R.

With all due respect, I think this is a total misread of her post. If you've read her blog on a regular basis as I have, I think it's pretty obvious that this is a young teacher with a passion to teach. Further, I'd wager she's smarter than most of the new teachers out there. Nowhere does she say teaching white Westerners is a bad thing. Those authors aren't relevant to that particular class. There are no inherent messages or "ramifications" that I can see. We have all sorts of classes that focus on other ethnicities and other genres. Why is that a problem?

S Michael Moore

She sounds like every other "C" student teacher being pumped out of Education Schools.

I wonder when public schools will wise up and start following the private school example and hire those with degrees in the field they will be teaching rather than those with some broad useless degree in Education. They might as well have a generic Liberal Arts degree.

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