February 19, 2005

NSBA on NCLB Apparently, NSBA is trying to water-down the transfer provisions of NCLB by allowing transfers only for students scoring less than proficient in the subject where the school failed to meet AYP, and then only for those students in the subgroup whose failure to meet AYP triggered the transfer provision. NSBA's issue brief says the amendments would change NCLB so that: A transfer option need only be offered to those low achieving students within the group who failed to meet their AYP targets in the same subject for two or more years – not to all students in the school. Financial obligations for a school district to provide transportation for a student ends when the group to which the student belongs no longer is identified as not meeting AYP target within the student’s former school even if that school continues to be identified as not making AYP for other reasons. Bogus. This creates a perverse incentive for schools to cycle attention, remediation and resources through subgroups rather than try to improve the school as a whole. At least, as it stands now, high-achieving students have a chance to escape a bad school if it fails any subgroup (and high-achieving students are not such a sub-group; NCLB falls into the "they'll be ok anyway") trap. I picked up on this from a story in our local paper about TN school board members going to Washington to lobby for NSBA's position. The official spin, from TSBA's director of governmental operations, is "It just...

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