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Greg, I don't think William Lewis ever recommends closing down indigenous operations. He does recommend a level playing field and notes that supports for inefficient enterprises reduces wealth for all. If you've got the time, give the book a read. I'd be interested in your thoughts.


A bit Protestant work ethic, and I can't help think: Work will set you free? But that's unfair, obviously not where you're going with this. There are conclusions worth criticizing in the original post and the work it references, however, not least being the idea to close down indigenous enterprises so that outside companies can come in - something that's probably worked well enough for Nike and so forth, but maybe not entirely to the benefit of the Third World workers. Rapacious capitalism isn't a fair substitute for funding boot-strap efforts, and (leaving aside corruption, which is indeed a problem, but one that can be overcome - even without regime change) debt relief can be a worthwhile part of helping these and other needed steps toward more productive economies.

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