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I really enjoyed reading your thoughts because you brought it all home at the end. It's not programs from the Central Office that does anything of significance or of a long-lasting nature to improve education. It all starts, and ends, at the building level where an administrator or an administrative team sets the course and the climate, within the framework of the school culture and in collaboration with the faculty, to maximize the contribution from all members of the entire school family. As you've stated many times before, Garcia and the Nashville Board of Education just don't get it (and in my opinion, never will) and that's why he needs to go and be replaced by someone who understands that it's only the teachers and principals in the local school buildings who can make schools better than they are now. Power must be placed in the hands of those at the building level and, if they can't do it, put someone else there. And in one final thought, let the building principal build his or her faculty from the ground up so that you start off with a place where everyone wants to be (or at least says they do) based on the vision and mission laid out by the principal.

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