March 09, 2006

What good is a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology? A follow-up to this post can be found here: Miriam, in a comment, has asked: Feb. 2006, What are you doing (employment) with your Master of Applied Positive Psy? I am a teacher in Alaska and am very interested in the OTHER job possibilities for this Masters . I'm 56 and want a change. How has your journey been and where are you in your quest for education? Short answer: I don't know yet. Longer answer: The MAPP degree is recognition of both study and practice in understanding and applying the findings of positive psychology in the business or professional venues. I've been assessing what I think I will come out of this program with, and the answers include: A broad and correct (straight from the minds of some of the best in the field) grasp of what is happening in positive psychology research and implementation today A basic understanding of the current state of social science research and the ability to continue to read new studies as they come out, place them in context, get a sense of what each means, and integrate that knowledge in my own framework Experience with applied positive psychology in both individual and organizational settings Relationships I'll be able to call on both with the leading researchers who have taught in the program and with my classmates (a pretty formidable group!) A credential that will at least be recognized (and likely thought well of) by many that I have not yet met in...

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