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Dave Shearon

Hi, Elizabeth!

How has it changed me? I'm happier. I know it and my scores on various instruments confirm it. That may sound trivial, but, given what I now know about happiness and its correlates, it's not trivial to me. Plus I understand happines to be significantly constructed of engagement and meaning, as well as enjoyment, and those things matter.

Also, I know my strengths, both character (VIA at and action (Strengthsfinder 2.0) better. Plus, I have a feel for how my particular versions of those strengths are unique and fit with my other qualities to make me uniquely suited to certain tasks and performances. Had I known some of this when I was just out of law school, I think I'd have taken some different approaches to find a place to use both the law degree and the MAPP.

If the content of Positive Psychology resonates with you and you want to put it to work along with your law degree, I think you'll find the MAPP program itself extremely meaningful, the relationships wonderful, and the opportunities unique, interesting, and satisfying.

Good luck!



I just stumbled upon your website in researching the MAPP program.

As a recent law school graduate, I am interested in your thoughts on this program's impact on your legal work. How has it changed you?

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