June 20, 2006

Positive Psychology at Culver Academy One of my MAPP classmates, John Yeager, is on faculty at Culver Academy, a co-ed boarding school in Culver, Indiana. On June 12-14, John, Sherri Fisher (another classmate), and I put on a 3-day seminar entitled "Broadening and Building Positive Emotion at Culver" for 21 Culver faculty and a guest from Exeter. The three of us were in a small cohort throughout MAPP that was the "education cohort." (As the only lawyer, I had to do my thinking about lawyers and positive psychology more on my on -- but there's some interesting progress there, also.) It was interesting for me to learn about boarding schools, especially since Sherri and I got to visit with the guest from Exeter a good bit. And, there's a Lady Vols connection to Culver! (If you follow that link, notice how a public school system lost that student!) Culver is making a substantial investment in positive psychology, first with John's particpation in MAPP and now with this seminar and another scheduled for August. The faculty and counselors in this session were engaged and asked wonderful questions through all three days -- pretty good for folks that had just finished a demanding year and a week of faculty meetings! Culver did the right thing and compensated them for the additional time, and it was clear that meant a lot to them. And it speaks to the administration's support for this effort. We tried to give the folks a broad introduction to positive psychology. After all, so...

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