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Dave, great analysis.

Many teachers deserve way more; some don't deserve to be teachers. If we don't acknowledge differences, and allow for a more transparent meritocracy, higher pay won't happen.

Brett Hodus

I am not a teacher, but I have worked alongside teachers in the classroom. This is a very hard job when it is done well. Managing 30 students who are largely disinterested in attending school in the first place is an uphill struggle. In other parts of the workforce, a person managing and training 30 people below him/her is almost ALWAYS making 6 figures. The fact that teachers manage children should qualify them to earn more, not the job of training young people is much more difficult than training willing adults.

Bottom line: the less teachers are paid, the less high quality people with exceptional brainpower will be drawn to the field of education. The fact that teachers are paid less than those in the field of business, for example, is not justice, but a tragedy. Until we pay teachers the way we pay others in the workforce, we will not get the best and brightest to teach. The people training the next generation of computer analysts, professors, laywers, doctors, accountants, etc... SHOULD BE THE SMARTEST, BEST QUALIFIED PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, as they are the ones producing the next generation of success stories. If we pay them appropriately for this very challenging job, the end result will be a generation of smarter, more prepared adults.

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