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Thank you.


I just wanted to let you know that the fall issue of Greater Good magazine is out! This issue explores "The 21st Century Family,"
discussing the many ways that American family life has been transformed in
recent years. Families today face issues their grandparents could scarcely
have imagined: the challenges of being a dual-income couple; the questions
faced by gay and lesbian parents and stay-at-home dads; and the obstacles
confronted by all families today to find time for one another and make
ends meet.

This issue of Greater Good gets past overheated rhetoric about the decline
of the family and delves into new research findings. Contributors bring
these research findings to life in honest, revealing portraits of typically
atypical 21st century families, and they make clear how families can still
thrive during this period of transition. As historian Stephanie Coontz
makes clear in the issue's lead essay, it's not the changes themselves but
how families respond to them that will determine how well they fare in the
21st century.
Link to this article:

All other articles can be found at

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