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Dave Shearon

Nikki, best wishes as you pick a post-graduate program. If you will email me directly, I'll try and put you in touch with some MAPPers that have gone on to PhD programs so you can get their perspective. I know you can go directly into clinically oriented PhD programs, but my impression is that they are pretty heavily focused on reparative psychology and may not provide much grounding in positive psychology. If that impression is correct, then MAPP as a preliminary degree might be very useful. Again, email me and I'll try and get you with some folks who can be more helpful!


Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective on the MAPP program. At this point, do you have any information on what PhD programs will accept this program?

I am just starting the process of researching Masters and PhD programs in Psychology and Counseling. My desire is to eventually have a private practice and potentially work on university campus. I don't have an interest in true research. Professionally, would you recommend this program in place of a "traditional" Masters program before puruing a PhD?

Sarah M

Thank you for your update. As an educator and coach I am extremely interested in the field of positive psychology. I am very interested in pursuing a Master's degree- however I live in a smaller city in Canada, support a family. Are you aware of any distance or online programs with summer residency? Do you have any suggestions of where to look?
Thank you.

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