April 19, 2010

Strengths Resources Recently, I've been pulling together some of the different approaches to strengths. Here's some information: Strengths Assessment through Questionnaires These approaches to strengths all use self-report questionnaires to assess strengths. They are relatively fast (30-40 minutes for the VIA and Strengthsfinder, for example), and can uncover unexpected strengths. Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA): measures 24 strengths of character ubiquitously endorsed by societies around the world for for 3000+ years. Here's a 5 minute screencast on the VIA I did for some work at the University of Tennessee College of Law. Cost: $0 Websites: www.authentichappiness.org, www.viacharacter.org Book: Character Strengths & Virtues Strengthsfinder 2.0: -- measures 35 strengths themes drawn from Gallup's decades of work in developing a deploying selection instruments in industry Cost: Included in price of book Website: www.strengthsfinder.com Book: Strengthsfinder 2.0 or Strengths Based Leadership Realise2: measures 60 strengths reported in categories of Realised, Unrealised, Learned Behaviors (competent performance, but draining), and Weaknesses Cost: £15 Website: http://www.cappeu.com/realise2.htm Book: The Strengths Book Strengthscope: UK-based approach identifies 22 occupationally-relevant strengths in four clusters: Emotional, Relational, Thinking, and Execution. Apparently includes data supplied by others about your strengths and can produce a "team strengths" report. Cost: Training required £400 (unclear whether ALL participants must be trained); £30 for individual report, £15 for multi-rater component, £100 for team report Website: www.strengthscope.com Book: Strengths Assessment through Reflection on Personal Experience These approaches use observation and reflection on personal experience to assess strengths. Go Put Your Strengths to Work: This is a book...

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