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RE: "An adventurous person will always have moments of feeling like a fraud"

On the other hand, sometimes a person who "feels" like a fraud may be feeling that way because: the person actually IS a fraud. For example, take the recent situation with the 3rd highest administrator at Texas A&M University, "Dr" Alex Kemos.

He falsely claimed on his resume that he had completed two advanced degrees from Tufts, and, that he was a Navy SEAL.

Here is a June 2010 news article about this person (who may have felt like a fraud because: he IS a fraud) --

In my opinion, he is part of a larger problem of frauds in education. "Adventurous" does not do justice to describing the way these people may feel. "Reckless" and "criminal" are words that I think are more accurate and come to my mind.

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