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Dave Shearon

Hmmm... CMT, I would respond, except I really do not know what you are talking about. Feel free to contact me by email. You can use the "Email Me" link on the right side of the page.


In using an individual's private information and credit card to obtain monetary benefits for yourself, you are violating the nobility of ideas behind the Race to the Top campaign sponsored by the federal government and participated in by the state of TN. Using federal grant money to obtain notoriety for yourself or monetary success for yourself should be illegal, as should be linking yourself with these entities on a personal website. While internet law is very loose at this time, you as an attorney seem to know enough to take advantage of any one who is not aware of the relationship you claim to have between TVAAS, TN Race to the Top, MNPS, and other public tax-payer supported organizations that you are using for your own gain. It is really quite pathetic on your part to claim to be an upstanding member of the community of Nashville, TN, and then use the citizens of the city in this way while they are conducting online research.

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