April 05, 2013

Springpad vs. Evernote: Promises vs. Ecosystem I've been experimenting with Springpad and Evernote. I've actually used Springpad in a limited way for several years. I especially like using it for products - I have a folder for books and another for wines that is shared with family members. I love the ability to scan a bar code and (90% of the time) add the product, with reviews, links to purchases, price comparisons, etc. Very nice. I've also used it for a travel checklist and a few other items. But, not a major effort with it. I've looked at Evernote several times, but never been hooked. However, due to my colleague Larry Richard's recommendation, I've taken another look. And, over the holidays, I've played with both and done some looking at reviews and blogposts about each. Springpad's Promise I started off leaning to Springpad, partly because I was already familiar with it, partly because Evernote just didn't make as much sense to me intuitively, and partly just because I like to try out the newer and less-used product. As I dug in, I thought I was really going to like Springpad. First, you can look at items within a folder - notes, products, etc. - in a number of views and sorted different ways. And this includes a free-form "pinboard" sort of view that lets you move things around. LOVE this for organizing ideas! Also, Springpad claimed the ability to sync with Google Calendar, so I could handle appointments, engagements, events, and so forth as items within...

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