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Dave Shearon

Absolutely, Kathryn. Could well be that a combination of some of the 24 Character Strengths would match up to "Duty". But still interesting that it is not represented by a single VIA Character Strength whereas many of the others are represented by several. Of course, the two-dimensional framework may be limiting things here. Perhaps the Schwartz Values Circumplex and Haidt's framework are on different "planes" than the VIA Character Strengths.


Dave, A couple of questions to ask before deciding there is a hole. 1) Is it valued all around the world across time? There might be some big cultural differences here, some gaps where Duty is not valued on the level of other strengths. 2) Is it a composite rather than an elementary strength? Neil Mayerson's answer to many of our Positive Psychology News articles about 25th character strengths was that the strengths we proposed (and mine was Patience, Endurance) could be defined as combinations of other strengths. Or could Duty be subsumed under citizenship? With perhaps some Social Intelligence tossed in?

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